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We have 2 Couples Massage rooms and offer FREE eClaims direct billing as covered by most Group health insurance plans

Our ALL-female staff is fully licensed professional RMT therapists with extensive knowledge in various modalities of massage.

We are centrally located at 3050 Yonge Street at Lawrence Ave West in the heart of Lawrence Park – North Toronto, (Yonge Lawrence Village); just 5 minutes from Canada’s largest highway 401, making it accessible to anyone, from anywhere, anytime.

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North Toronto RMT Clinic believes that by providing a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, our clients can find relief to better manage their seemingly never-ending work demands and hectic lifestyle. The cornerstone philosophies that we subscribe to are based on a holistic approach in an attempt to treat both the mind and the body.

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North Toronto RMT Clinic

Crystal & Anna, managing partners of the Jade Wellness & North Toronto RMT Clinic, is passionate about the positive effects therapeutic massage can have on clients.

“I get asked a lot about the difference between our regular massage (non-RMT) and a therapeutic massage she says.”

…While a regular massage can be relaxing, a therapeutic massage is more focused on recovery and treatment.

The big difference is that RMTs are regulated and trained to identify and diagnose ailments and treat them accordingly.

North Toronto RMT Clinic provides free RMT Assessment & consultation and provides practical advice after your treatment “visit” to ensure and maintain client care health including wellness tips, remedial stretch­es and physio exercises, etc.

RMT services are recognized as vital treatments for the recovery of muscle-related injuries by the Canadian healthcare system, so most private insurance companies reimburse part or all of the cost of treatments.

“Customer service and care is our top priority;’ says Anne, the owner and founder.

Anne personally trains each staff member and encourages them to share their personal skills and beauty tip trade secrets with coworkers.

Regular clients are welcome to join the Jade VIP Health and Beauty Loyalty Program, which rewards clients with a free 60-minute service after 10 similar visits. Other perks include discounts a la carte, bonus services, and monthly spa promotions.

Jade Wellness & North Toronto RMT clinic welcomes new clients and patients, including walk- ins.

To make booking an appointment as easy and seemless as 1,2,3.  We have state-of-the art clinic 24/7 online calendar “app” developed by veteran Oakville RMT turned IT entrepreneur that allows patients access to RMT therapist schedule and availability while it automates your intake form to allow your RMT to update your treatment notes in real-time with access at their finger tips!  The frees up our therapist valuable time on treatment while maintaining tedious insurance regulations and requirements compliance.  A much welcome essential tool for our industry from dark ages room full of steel file cabinet endless “files and folders”… BOOK Now

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North Toronto RMT Clinic

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RMT Massage Therapy Toronto

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RMT Massage Therapy Toronto

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RMT Massage Therapy Toronto


RMT Massage Therapy Toronto