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DIRECT BILLING – FREE Courtesy Service – Call or Ask for details.

In order to facilitate “Direct Billing” We subscribe to the 2 largest software vendors in Ontario Telus eClaims and ProviderConnect as a result covers ALL the major insurers including SunLife, Canada Life and ManuLife.  We also offer Predetermination FREE Courtesy Service – Call or Ask for details.

We offer direct billing to 20 +  major insurers, covering 85% of privately insured Canadians.

Ask us to submit your claim at your next visit.

You will need to print and fill out the following (2) forms before we can submit a claim on your behalf.  We will need a digital copy:

North Toronto RMT Clinic eClaims Direct Billing Form

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Massage Therapy Services

Massage therapy has long been valued for its therapeutic and healing properties.

The techniques now referred to as Swedish Massage have been employed by health care practitioners for centuries, all across the world. Swedish massage uses slow, smooth strokes applied with the fiber of each muscle of the body to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and support the body’s natural healing processes. These techniques form the foundation for nearly every massage treatment and can be built on and modified to suit each client’s individual needs and preferences.

In addition to the traditional Swedish massage techniques, our therapists offer a range of massage modalities that you can add to your treatments in order to maximize the benefits for your unique needs.

Extended Healthcare & Massage Coverage

Many extended healthcare plans offered by Canadian employers include provision for massage therapy. As part of your regular routine, massage is an excellent (and enjoyable) way to maintain good health and help prevent injury from the repetitive strains of your daily life.

If you’re not sure whether your benefits package included massage therapy, you can either check the benefits packet from your employer or simply call your insurance provider. In order for your massage to be covered by any insurance plan, the services received must be completed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). You may also be required to submit a doctor’s note recommending that you receive massage therapy.


Some insurance companies allow Assignment of Benefits—the provision that allows a massage therapist to bill them on your behalf so that you are not required to pay for treatment upfront.

Direct billing is available for EmpireLifeGreen Shield via ProviderConnect, unfortunately Ontario Blue Cross is not available at this time is not part of eClaims program; in this case we would provide you an Official RMT Receipt and you are expected to pay us after treatment service.  Most group insurance providers today have a secure online portal for you to submit to be reimbursed under your company plan guidelines and may require a doctor’s note.

If you have insurance coverage under any other health care plan, and would like us to complete billing for you, please call them to verify that they allow assignment of benefits.

Sound confusing? We know it can be—please feel free to give us a call or email if you’d like to discuss how we can work with your insurance provider. We’re happy to help.

Massage Experts Offers Direct Billing!

Massage Experts helps ease muscle tension, and financial stress! We offer insurance direct billing for your therapeutic massage service!

Massage Therapy is covered in most employee group insurance benefits. Many people do not know this, so a large portion of their hard-earned insurance benefits go unused. These benefits cannot be carried over year-to-year, so they are simply lost. Life is stressful, and our bodies carry so many stresses and so much tension within them; you deserve to use these massage benefits. They help you feel better, without relying solely on the use of medications.

Electronic Direct Billing is available through a number of major insurance providers. Because we offer Registered Massage Therapists who meet the needs of their Province’s recognized massage associations, we can then offer you either insurance receipts, or direct billing. Your massage visit, in conjunction with your insurance direct billing, may be less than the cost of your daily venti latté! Many insurances cover 80-100% per visit.

Each insurance company’s policy is different; some may offer direct billing, some may not. Others require a doctor’s note, some may not. It is up to you to verify this information with either your employer or your insurance provider before assuming direct billing can be processed on your behalf. Massage Experts does not charge a processing fee to submit electronic billing for you. *****

Insurance Direct Billing is available to: